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Ontario to Nova Scotia - August 2009

Shelly was doing her annual summer visit to the family with Grace and invited me out.  I was definitely going to do some rising, so we considered driving and trailering a bike, but in the end I dropped them of at the airport and started my trek the next day  She wanted time alone with her family and that worked for me.......Here's my breadcrumb trail from the Garmin.

So I loaded up my trusty Buell and headed out through Buffalo down into Pennsylvania to ride their twisty roads.  On the way I had to make a stop at Ulysses, PA for the obligatory shot of my Ulysses at Ulysses

Since  I was passing through New York, I also decided to make a stop at Orange County Choppers.  They have a Ducati dealership  now and their crazy creations are scattered around the  showroom....but it really is pretty much a t-shirt shop.  I think it's safe to say that its been played out.

I had spent my first night somewhere in Pennsylvania and my Second in Montpelier VT.  On the way I rode through the Adirondacks and the White Mountains. ....very nice.   I took the road up Mount Washington where the day's heat turned into cold cloud cover.  The road up there is nice on a bike like a Uly.  Saw the cog railway train arrive and chatted with a couple from Quebec on a KTM.  I took a couple photos and a Japanese tourist offered to take a picture with me in it.

I decided to follow theMaine coast north, but that was a mistake.  The road isn't close enough to the ocean to offer any views, but was close enough to offer beach traffic and dull roads.  I crossed into New Brunswick and made my way up to St. John as it was getting dark.  I enjoyed a seafood meal....since it wouldn't do any good to be eating that around Shelly :-) and ordered a local beer...they brought a Moosehead...who knew?  New Brunswick is officially bi-lingual......I get that, but does a red octagon really need this much explanation???????

I had an appointment at noonish for the St John - Digby Ferry so I headed down and loaded up.  I had used ferries before on my Irish trip, but this didn't get many bikes so only had rope to tie the bike in place.  The seas were smooth, so no problems.

I then rode on over to Shelly's Mom's place in Liverpoole.  We split time staying there and at a local resort. 

She has a really warm family and I had a good time.  It's unfortunate that she gets so stressed out there.  Many of our plans were upset by the arrival of a hurricane.  I kept urging them to make some preparations...apparently in the Maritimes, "preparations" means that they make sure they have enough beer...... Fortunately it ended up not being to bad for us, but parts of Halifax were flooded and we lost some beachfront roads near where we were.  Since I missed out on the annual shark fishing tournament, Shelly's father and uncle arranged to take me out on her uncle's fishing boat to do some sharking.  The technique is pretty much exactly as in Jaws.......The water was a bit cool, but they knew what they were doing and we hooked a few,  Here is a Blue that I reeled taken with my BlackBerry



I headed out early the next morning because I had to get back now in two days and still wanted to see a few things on the way.  I did not take any meaningful pictures, but the trip along the St. Lawrence river was terrific.  I spent the one night in Rivière-du-Loup and motorway'd much of the rest of the way home....left a lot of exploring out that way to do...............