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Scotland - April 2007

In the spring and early summer of 2007 I had just started to meet some of the riders on UKGSER.COM so I combined a trip to the inaugural rally in Glen Cova called "Gathering of the Clans" with a trip to Ireland.  I reserved my space at the Glen Cova Hotel Bunkhouse, made a couple of Ferry reservations and headed of for ten rained soaked rained EVERY DAY!!!!  My bike was mildewed by the time I got back..... I skipped the Ring of Kerry and South-Western Ireland because I had done it in a car the year before

Here is the almost obligatory breadcrumb trail of my trip from Richmond and back.

The Glen Cova inn was a great location and there was a good turn out...even ran into a few UKGSERs from the London area that I met at the monthly gathering at the Ace Cafe.  This far north in late June it stays light light until almost 2300!

We had group ride in the rain on Saturday.  Very wet and foggy in places, but we only had one crash....a R100GS whose forks merely got twisted.

Headed west along the Southern coast of Loch Ness this time.  lovely scenery....Foyers Falls....

I took the ferry crossing from Troon to Larne and headed out through Northern Ireland .  Here is a view from Torr Head.

Of course I had to stop at the Giants Causway. 

Lovely view from Glenn Gash Pass.  I really liked Donegal. 

Near Dublin I had to geek out and visit the ancient burial sites of Bru Na Boinne.  Below is the New Grange site which predates the Egyptian pyramids.

Here is the other major site in the area  - Knowth.

I crossed over from Dublin to Holyhead on the way home and made a stop  at Bryn Celli Ddu, which is also 5000 years old.

I closed out the trip by joining the UKGSER annual rally at Andover known as the "Hograost".  Went out with Steptoe on Saturday to the Salisbury plains which are chalky and slippery when wet.  This was my first off-roading experience on the big GS (on Tourances no less!!!!).  It wet my appetite, but taught me that I had a LOT to learn.  I signed up for Simon Pavey's off-road school in Wales shortly afterwards.