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Scotland - April 2007

This ride report was written almost four years after the fact so hopefully things aren't too foggy.   I still wanted to capture the story since it was my first  European trip.  So here is a VERY brief  report.  It was early spring and I had pretty good gear, so I loaded up the bike and headed North for a long weekend.  I took the motorway most of the way to get through the bustle of England and headed for Stirling.  Famous from the "Braveheart" legend, this is  a nice city.  It resembles a small Edinburgh.  The picture below is where I parked the GS for the night as the hotel I found was right down that little pedestrian street.

I spent some time walking around the city and seeing the sights the next morning before I took off. 

Stirling Castle for example....


I also rode around the area and stopped by the Wallace Monument.....FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...can't help it

I picked all of the back mountain roads that were absolutely designed to be ridden by a GS.  They were remote and scenic.  This a typical view of the Western Highlands

Of course I had to see Loch Ness and the road along the northern coast was quite the enjoyable ride

I made it as far North as Skye and passed by the castle of Eilean Donnan on the way.   This is supposedly the most photographed castle in Scotland.......but it is still quite the site.

The bridge to Skye as seen from the mainland.